Tim Durham has been providing guidance to the community since 1991. He meets with couples, families, and individuals for once clinical hour (50 minutes) per week to help them with a variety of problems. These may include: problems with teenagers, problems within the marriage relationship, depression, and anxiety, and problems adjusting to other changes in life. Tim Durham has had many clients referred to him for the legal system for help with parenting as well as clients who were recently released from treatment, psychiatric wards, and incarceration. Tim Durham is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe medication, but works with other professionals to help a wide variety of clients.

The cost of this service is $50.00 per clinical hour.

Family Life Services is a Christian agency and we are happy to examine moral issues that apply to the problems of everyday life. In other words, we try to have a balanced approach to problems looking researched-based solutions along with age-old biblical principles that we believe should be integrated into any guidance plan. Pastors refer clients to us routinely as well as other community organizations, schools, the court system, and various government agencies.


Family Life Services is an adoption agency licensed by the state of Kansas. We facilitate the adoption process, provide home studies and guidance to those interested in adoption. Our goal is to place children with loving, Christian families. Sometimes young women in our prenatal education program (Healthy Beginnings) decide to make an adoption plan with us. Since we have been a licensed agency for over twenty years, we are well-equipped to not only answer any of their questions, but to address their immediate physical needs as well.   The cost of the adoption is based on income of the adoptive couple, who must be active Christians and be able to meet with the director for an interview. A packet with detailed information concerning this process is available upon request.  If you desire more information, call 800-922-7874 and we will mail you information without cost.

We are very pleased to help create new families by providing home studies and all other legal documents needed to finalize the adoption. One thing very special about this agency is that we are a consulting agency as well and usually maintain a close relationship with the birth mothers long after the adoption, helping them to adjust by counseling them for an open-ended time period.


Through this exciting service, this agency has obtained a sonogram machine and professional medical staff to operate it. With sonogram technology, a pregnancy can be verified for the client. Usually, the mother-to-be experiences bonding with the child because she can hear the heartbeat and see the features of the unborn child. This is especially helpful if the pregnant woman is in denial of her pregnancy and/or is abortion minded. Providing this important medical information to women in crisis is a powerful tool to help them make safe and healthy decisions about their developing child.  The results are always profound as pregnant women consider the information that is otherwise unknown and unseen to them. As we look into the womb, we can actually provide insight into the world of the unborn and help the mother to see the precious nature of her offspring. Results have been dramatic as we use this technology to directly impact the lives of both mother and child.

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We offer long-term marriage and family guidance to individuals, couples, and families. Issues we address include divorce care, relationships, financial issues, anger management, drug and alcohol abuse and more.

We also offer guidance for parents who need help reintegrating their children back into the home from foster care.  Working with the court system and other social services agencies, the purpose is to help parents learn the skills they need to be better parents and is usually completed in a six-week program. This guidance is provided by Sandy Durham. Various seminars and meetings are scheduled throughout the year to investigate new research on subjects such as suicide prevention, fathering, and other issues. The costs for these services are extremely reasonable and designed primarily to help individuals and families in the community.

Healthy Beginnings

Healthy beginnings is a dynamic parental education program for pregnant women and their families. This program teaches about issues such as fetal alcohol syndrome, smoking, and pregnancy, SIDS, car seat safety, labor and delivery and more. Healthy Beginnings is designed to support the pregnant woman throughout their pregnancy and up to one year after the baby is delivered.

These ladies meet on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, watch state-of-the-art videos, complete work book regarding parenting or adopting, and apply for pregnancy related community resources. While in this program the women utilize the earn while you learn prenatal curriculum. This curriculum provides them with discussion sheets over the videos they watch and with homework. For every task they complete these ladies earn what is called mommy money which can be redeemed in our New Arrival Mommy Store. They can purchase items such as cribs, car seats, breast pumps, baby bath tubs, maternity clothes and baby clothes. The store also has diapers, wipes, high chairs, bassinets, infant formula, baby books and gifts for the mother.

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