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Licensed Therapy/Guidance
Teresa Holloway MS, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that is joining Family Life Services in May!! She leases office space for her private practice providing individual, marital, and family therapy to those struggling with mood disruption, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief and loss, and other mental health difficulties. As a private provider, private pay arrangements can be worked out between the client and Teresa.

Since Teresa works independently in her private practice, her hours vary. However, you may call Monday – Thursday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm to schedule an appointment or leave a message for her. Therapy sessions are generally 50-60 minutes long.

Having Teresa Holloway join Family Life Services has been an amazing blessing! She is able to enhance the adoption process by providing free services to our birth mothers and fathers struggling with the various emotions of placing their children for adoption. The adoptive parents will also receive free services to evaluate and prepare for the emotions of anxiety and feelings that accompany receiving and transitioning an adopted baby into their home. Her expertise will be used also with our Healthy Beginning clients dealing with postpartum depression or after the tragedy of a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Family Life Services also provides Anger Management classes. We offer an 8-session course for anyone who has been asked to seek Anger Management whether it is court-ordered, attorney suggested, employer advised or referred, or self-directed. Court-ordered is $50 per session, all others are $30 per session, plus the cost of the book. We are in the process of expanding this program to offer a company discount for a group or contracted referral programs.
Pregnancy Education

Pregnancy Education and Resources: Healthy Beginnings- FREE CLASSES

Earn While You Learn program gives pregnant women “mommy bucks” to spend for a crib, car seat, diapers, wipes, clothes, and other baby supplies in our well stocked baby store.

We help you apply for KanCare and WIC; find an OB or midwife; collaborate with programs such as MidCAP for housing, SNAP for food subsidies, or any other resources needed .

We offer personal individualized classes that walk you through your pregnancy from start to finish including the development of your baby from month to month; what to expect; how to prepare for labor; stages of labor; and breastfeeding.

Fathers can attend too!

Mom's who wish to continue earning "mommy bucks" after delivery may continue the program for another 6 months to learn about infant development, expectations, nutrition, and safety.
Family Life Services understands that pregnancy is not always planned or desired. However, we feel it is extremely important for a pregnant woman to have insight into the world of the unborn if there is any consideration of terminating the pregnancy. A certified sonogram technician volunteers her time by scheduling a private appointment allowing the client to hear the heartbeat and see the movement of the baby with our on-site sonogram machine. Results have been dramatic as we use this technology to reveal God’s creation.

The lives of both mother and child are directly impacted as informed decisions are made. Staff at Family Life Services will continue to assist the client with education, community referral resources, and preparing for birth whether the client chooses to parent or whether the client chooses to adopt the child to an awaiting couple.
We offer family and individual parenting guidance that includes refining coping skills for improving relationships. Issues we address are drug and alcohol use, decision making, financial issues, divorce care, and multiple other topics too numerous to mention.

We also offer guidance and evidence-based classes to those needing help reintegrating their children back into the home from foster care. Our curriculum has a Christian emphasis with a spiritual life application. Many parenting referrals are given to Family Life Services by attorneys, judges, or social services as a court-ordered circumstance. However, self-referrals are always accepted as well. The cost of parenting classes is $30 per session and classes are often completed in a six-week program.

Family Life Services understands the tragedy of losing custody for parents and will provide a certificate of completion to the judge once classes and fees are completed. While we assist those in the dilemma of court-ordered classes, it is our desire to be there for you proactively. If you are struggling with parenting issues prior to court-ordered restoration, please seek us for an appointment at a reduced fee.

With our wide range of curriculum, we also have other classes available for child behavior issues (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Strong-Willed Children) and topics that are difficult to discuss as a parent with children (Sex, Substance Use, Suicide, Anxiety, Depression, etc.) We can individualize our lessons to your needs.

We also have a licensed marriage and family therapist on-site for therapy referral if parenting or child needs are greater than basic guidance and educational classes can provide.

Another court-ordered class offered by Family Life Services is Car Seat Safety. We are currently looking into other classes for diversion such as Illegal Operation of vehicles such as DUI, excessive speed, inattentive driving, etc.

Call (620) 442-1688 or Email us at director@flsonline.net for questions or to schedule an appointment.
Conflict resolution/Anger management
We offer certified anger management classes, designed to help people work through conflict resolution. Conflict resolution can benefit anyone in the home, workplace, or the general public. 

The course takes you through a workbook that provides 8 tools to learn how to better handle conflicts wherever they may be in your life. Use these skills for practical application in your unique situation. 

These classes are available for court-ordered requirements as well as those who simply want to improve their conflict resolution skills. 

Call (620) 442-1688 or for questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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