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To save one life and change another through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Welcome to Our New Director
In October, 2021, a new and exciting change happened...

Marlana was the Case Manager for the Pregnancy Education program at Family Life Services before accepting the position as Executive Director.

Marlana has been a Registered Nurse for 28 years and has a variety of experiences in health care including acute care, long-term care, home health, and health teaching/educator.

In 2016, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Administration accentuating her experience with Non-profit organizations, Human Resources, and Leadership and Organizational Management.

Marlana has three school-aged children and keeps busy with their school activities and competition events.

“Until working here, I never knew the extent of the services and helpful educational programs that Family Life Services provided!! I wished I would have joined the Healthy Beginning program when I was pregnant because I have learned things through the videos even as an RN. Now that I know what Family Life Services is, I can’t wait to share what we are doing and how people can be involved!!!”


Improving relationships and lives through licensed therapy & counseling. Life can be difficult. If you are struggling, reach out to us! Self-referral or court-ordered appointments are available.


Promoting healthy pregnancies by walking women through their pregnancy from start to finish. On-site health professionals to answer any questions, assist with needed resources, and provide individualized teaching, including preparing for labor. Receive baby items and equipment with participation incentives.

ADOPTION Resources

If you are looking to place a child for adoption or you are wishing to adopt a child into your family, we can answer any questions you may have. Family Life Services can help you through the paperwork and provide referrals to local resources for the process.


View life in the womb before making a decision regarding unplanned pregnancies. Being able to provide this non-diagnostic information to women who are indecisive about their pregnancy is a powerful tool before they make a critical uninformed decision.

PARENTING & Conflict Resolution

Guidance options regarding current parenting or child matters in the home or reintegrating children back into the home. Teaching the parents skills needed for improvement. Certified anger management with 8 tools for conflict resolution. 
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The History of Family Life Services

Family Life Services was instituted in Arkansas City, Kansas, in 1984. A small group of people wanted to do something to offer alternatives to abortion and to help pregnant women in other practical ways. This agency quickly became incorporated and earned its Kansas license to administer adoptions. Two other agencies grew out of Family Life Service that is still serving the public today: Family Life Services of Emporia, Kansas, and The Pregnancy Crisis Center in Wichita, Kansas. Thousands of people have been served by these agencies over the years.

Tim Durham joined the agency as its Executive Director in 1991 and expanded the agency into a new facility which increased its floor space five times. The new facility located on the main street of the town was completely remodeled and was more accessible to the public. In addition, expansion of services became possible with the added area to work in.

Tim Durham developed the agency as a community resource center which served hundreds of families and individuals with guidance for various situations.

In 2000, this agency received a grant from the Kansas Department and Environment to promote healthy pregnancies. The local program, called Healthy Beginnings, has served about 1,000 pregnant women by teaching them medical facts concerning pregnancy and by providing education, and supplies.

About Family Life Services

Family Life Services is a Christian based, not-for-profit organization that is devoted to changing one life and saving another through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are funded through churches and private contributors in our area. Family Life Services is operated by volunteers under the supervision of Marlana Mills, the Executive Director, and our Board of Directors.

Family Life Services has grown into a mature ministry with many programs that you can explore. Each program and service grow from our desire to share God’s love as well as His clear teaching that each individual is unique and important in His eyes. Over time we have developed a new way to help families and individuals by encountering them in a non-judgmental way and working to help them in practical ways. These acts of love are used by God to accomplish His purpose as we serve HIM.

With having ultrasound equipment and a volunteer sonogram technician, “Insight Service” was established. This allows us to provide a private sonogram for women who are indecisive about their undesired pregnancy. This special appointment can be arranged in hopes that the pregnant woman will choose life whether through adoption or embracing parenting by learning about referral resources and education about pregnancy. Nothing is more powerful than to see and to hear evidence of life; the unborn child in the womb.

We are here to serve

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