Entries by Jeremy Durham

The Easiest Way to Transform your Day

I woke up to a typical morning and as I was getting ready for work, I turned over in my mind all the things I needed to do that day—my plans, my needs. What’s wrong with that? It is OK to formulate our day and how we want it to turn out, but something else […]

The “Cult of Feelings” Problem Persists

When I was in high school I sensed a major change in everyone’s overall attitude that began to filter into the culture. Music changed and attitudes in society began to change. Looking back over many years, I believe this way of thinking is still very much with us. What I am referring to is the […]

Option 2

Imagine this – you’ve just taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive. You look at the little pink plus sign and are flooded with this wave of emotions. Thoughts start to flash into your mind “I don’t want a baby” “I can’t take care of this baby” “I’m too young – my parents will kill […]

The Wisdom of Common Sense

Through counseling people almost every day who are going through some kind of crisis, certain patterns emerge. Once in a while people are genuinely on the receiving end of something they had no part whatsoever in creating. These folk are haunted by trying to figure out what they could have done, or not done, to […]

How to Change the Energy of an Argument

We have all been there. We were simply talking to someone in our lives and, without trying, we find ourselves in the middle of an argument. Suddenly we were in a struggle, squared off in a contest to determine a winner and a loser. We feel anxious and hurtful as the person we care about […]