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A Thank You from the Director

Dear Friends:   Dealing with the public, many people who call themselves “Christian” generally think of it in terms of either: A social philosophy which espouses being a nice, polite, and fair-minded person A ticket to eternal life in heaven An organization which does good things for people in the community An organization to which […]

Motivated – by Sandy Durham

My husband, dog, and I live in a large, old historical house with big rooms meant to host a lot of people and that’s just what we did last Saturday afternoon. Around 20 adults and 20 children assembled into our house to attend a “Lambs among Wolves” luncheon/ Seminar. The seminar focused on protecting the […]

Latest Science on Life in the Womb

Recently, Family Life Services sponsored a seminar that was held at Cowley College. The purpose was to investigate the latest scientific research about life in the womb and how it is affecting the culture’s understanding of life issues. This was an important event because our knowledge of who we are and how we got here […]


Emotional pain is all around us. Loneliness, and anxiety is experienced by all. Loneliness’s cousin, boredom appears whenever there is the slightest lapse of time without entertainment. I have been meeting with clients face-to-face for many years now. Just recently it became clear to me how this affects all of us and how our attempt […]

Meetings… ugh!

If you are a human being alive on planet Earth, you have attended a meeting. Some of us must attend a lot of meetings because of our work or position in the community. Meetings can be fun, but most of them are a lot of work. Some meetings are a train wreck if members strongly […]