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Emotional pain is all around us. Loneliness, and anxiety is experienced by all. Loneliness’s cousin, boredom appears whenever there is the slightest lapse of time without entertainment. I have been meeting with clients face-to-face for many years now. Just recently it became clear to me how this affects all of us and how our attempt […]

Meetings… ugh!

If you are a human being alive on planet Earth, you have attended a meeting. Some of us must attend a lot of meetings because of our work or position in the community. Meetings can be fun, but most of them are a lot of work. Some meetings are a train wreck if members strongly […]

Mother’s Day for a birth mom

The sun beat me home tonight. As I trudged up the subway stairs and saw the sunrise, I knew it was much too late of a night. Especially with church in the morning. A lady neighbor of mine and her sister, holding a cake, were also walking into my building. She said, “Happy Mother’s Day, […]

The Best Way to Help Someone

So many people are going through so much suffering, anxiety, bitterness and regret that you can’t avoid them. Or can you? I mean, when someone talks to you about how much they are hurting, our first reaction is to refer them to someone else—a professional who will deal with it, or to tell them that […]

The Beauty of the face-to-face Meeting

It looks like the new thing in counseling is to generate business via Skype and to develop technics to counsel people who are far away and/or cannot come into the office. Generally, I am very interested in technology and I embrace new ways to help people, but, I am not crazy about this idea. I […]