In 1999, Gary and Tim were in a three-piece band called “The Renters”. Joining them was Julie Rosseter, a dear friend and professional viola player from Atlanta that Gary had met in graduate school at Wichita State University. While Julie was pregnant with her first child, Gary had the idea that he and Tim would both work together writing a song for her child that was on the way. So they did, and you can now hear it as it was originally recorded.

Whenever they performed this song at their concerts, Gary would tell about how they sat down in Tim’s studio and worked it out in short order. As he told it, he would write a line, Tim would write a line, back and forth, to the end. The chords, melody and words just seemed to pour out during this amazing process. On the “the Best Things for Life Are for Rent” CD, they recorded it as the 3rd song, and Gary wrote in the liner:

Little One’s Lullaby

Gary Gackstatter/Tim Durham

We thought it fitting that our first collaborative song be written to welcome Joseph Patrick, Julie and Pat’s first little one.

It’s a beautiful story, and still a really beautiful song.  Julie was touched by the sound of their inspiration and her superb viola work is clear on this version.  She said recently, “This song was the best gift—ever!” It is a shame that they did not collaborate more often and do more of these.

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