The Easiest Way to Transform your Day

I woke up to a typical morning and as I was getting ready for work, I turned over in my mind all the things I needed to do that day—my plans, my needs. What’s wrong with that? It is OK to formulate our day and how we want it to turn out, but something else should always happen first and if you think about it you will understand why.

Before hitching your day to the list of urgent needs, you must try this: Stop for a minute and remember the basics of all basics, that it is the gift of consciousness itself that you take for granted every day. You have a schedule only because you are capable of thinking, remembering, and planning for the future.

Because of the urgency in our lives, we forget that, yes, we are alive and it is amazing! We go through the list, dragged into the future by one appointment or event after the other, just to wake up and do it again in 24 hours. The list is not our life. If we take a moment to be thankful that we even have the opportunity to succeed or fail, to win or lose, then our best plans that direct our lives can be completely transformed

When was the last time you took enough time to be thankful that:

You even woke up this morning?

You had to walk 15 feet to get a drink of cold water instead of having to walk several miles

to drink dirty, warm water out of a ditch?

Your house is not underwater?

You can breathe?

You are alive right now and can think about these things in the first place?


Usually we are too busy getting our ducks in a row. We are too busy to even be thankful that we have any ducks or the ability to line them up. We miss the point, which is: If we are still breathing, then we certainly have a purpose. Since the enormous gift of living is bigger than ourselves and beyond our ability to control, then our task while living is more than just taking care of ourselves. Actually, if we ponder reasons to be grateful, our daily list will change and mature, more toward others and more toward making a difference beyond ourselves. But if we go through life like a shark, mindlessly eating up experiences, then we are slaves to our impulses and reacting to anything put in front of us. If we stay so close to the ground and so driven by our “needs” that we cannot look up, we miss the big picture—every time.


It boils down to this: What is worse, really? 1. Having something bad happen to you, or 2. Having lots of good things happen to you—but never even noticing? Bad things happen to everyone sometime or another, but not noticing and being thankful all the good things than happen every day is the biggest tragedy of all. What are you doing?

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