Option 2

Imagine this – you’ve just taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive. You look at the little pink plus sign and are flooded with this wave of emotions. Thoughts start to flash into your mind “I don’t want a baby” “I can’t take care of this baby” “I’m too young – my parents will kill me” whatever they might be… There are dozens of reasons why you can not keep and raise this baby. All of these points are valid and need to be listened to. But take a step back, breathe, and keep calm.

Obviously, nothing is happening today.

Don’t be guided and lead by fear or the emotion of “I don’t want this” there are many ways to get around this. Service agencies are waiting to help you with this stressful, scary, and maybe even inconvenient time. Many people would lead you to believe that abortion will make the entire “issue” go away and poof – back to normal. But, that’s not true. There are a LOT of pit-falls and dangers – both mentally and spiritually. So, what is a better option all around? Adoption!

So many people know next to nothing about the adoption process. Seriously… Many women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant don’t take the time to research it. They just want the fear to end and the “problem” to go away. But, someone is waiting… Many people cannot have children for various reasons. These people wait YEARS for a child.

If you are weighing the options – think on this. There are agencies who will help support you and guide you through the adoption process. Many adoptive parents are actually even willing to pay for all medical expenses of the expecting mother. So, that you never feel alone, ashamed, or worried that if you have this child you will have no way to pay for the expenses. If you are worried that if you have a child and give it up – you will never see them again – adoption agencies allow the birth mother to choose the amount of openness or involvement they want in their child’s life.

Mothers who give birth are less likely to have the negative side effects that women who have abortions might have. Such as substance abuse infertility, and post-abortions syndrome.

Not to mention that no matter what today’s society would like you to believe that the child forming inside of you is not an actual person – they’re wrong. Two of my very good friends had a huge chance of being aborted themselves. I can’t help but think – what kind of person wouldn’t exist today had their mothers gone through with it?

That tiny person in you has the potential to be a lawyer, doctor, cake baker, anything at all. Watching my friend’s kids grow up and seeing the people they are becoming is amazing. Don’t rob someone else of life. Save the life inside of you. Even if you do not want to raise this child – I promise you that someone does. And there are more ways than abortion.

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